Development Stages

Development of the Oleniy Ruchey ore deposit is an ambitious and vital project for the Russian mineral fertiliser industry. Its main purpose is to create a new raw material base to overcome the shortage of phosphate raw materials in Russia. North-Western Phosphorous Company has been implementing the Oleniy Ruchey greenfield project.

Oleniy Ruchey Deposit Key Parameters

Name Value
Administrative area Kirovsk
Catchment basin Umba river
Coordinates 67º 41’ North
34º 12’ East
Subsoil user North-Western Phosphorous Company
Geological industrial deposit type Magmatic
Ore type Apatite-nepheline ore in ijolite-urtit

In 2006, NWPC won the tender to develop the Oleniy Ruchey deposit, obtained a licence and started development Stage 1, which included preparing design documents for the mining and processing complex and passing state technical and environmental impact assessment.

At this stage, NWPC completed design and exploration work at the open pit and mine construction site, obtained industrial ore samples, and prepared design and operational documents. In September 2008, the Main Directorate of the Russian State Expert Review Board issued a positive opinion for the Oleniy Ruchey project. Obtaining the construction permit for the mine marked the end of Stage 1.

In December 2008, the Oleniy Ruchey project entered Stage 2, construction of the mine. During this stage, NWPC built production, administrative and transport infrastructure and the open pit mine and purchased equipment. The Company completed the first commission and start-up of the mine in 2012 and started shipping apatite concentrate in December of the same year. In March 2015, the mine reached its design capacity of 1.1 mn tpa.

By the end of 2012, the miners had tunnelled 3.5 km of the underground mine and met the annual average plan for underground operations. In November 2015, 13 km of tunnels were completed. By 2017, the Group will build three tunnels (transport, conveyor and ventilation) and a vertical shaft. The total length of the capital mining operations is 17.8 km. Upon commissioning of the underground mine in 2017, the mine capacity will reach 4.5 mn tpa of ore and 1.3 mn tpa of apatite concentrate, to be then expanded to 6 mn tpa and 1.8 mn tpa, respectively.

In 2013-2017, the mine’s capacity has been expanded with completion of the second stage of the filtration and drying shop and silo warehouse for apatite and nepheline concentrates. The construction of a 50-km railroad branch from the mine site to Titan station is underway.