Special Assessment of Working Conditions

Pursuant to Russian laws, NWPC performs a regular special assessment of working conditions to improve the workplace environment and protect personnel from industrial hazards and dangers.

The assessment complies with Federal Law No. 426-FZ On Special Assessments of Working Conditions dated 28 December 2013.

Article 7 of the Federal Law defines how the results of each assessment are to be used:

  • Informing personnel about working conditions in the workplace, any existing health risks, measures to protect them from exposure to harmful and/or hazardous production factors, and about guarantees and compensation for personnel working in harmful and/or hazardous working conditions
  • Providing personnel with personal protective equipment and equipping workplaces with collective protection equipment
  • Monitoring working conditions in the workplace
  • In cases specified by Russian laws, conducting mandatory preliminary (upon hiring) and periodic (during labour activity) medical examinations of workers
  • Providing personnel with the guarantees and compensations stipulated by the Russian Labour Code
  • Setting an additional rate for insurance contributions to the Russian Pension Fund reflecting the class (subclass) of working conditions in the workplace and other factors
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