Press Releases

06/05/2019 | NWPC Releases 12,000 Fish Hatchlings into White Sea Basin

NWPC employees released 12,000 salmon hatchlings into the Umba River, which is part of the White Sea basin. The hatchlings were reared for the Company at Kandalaksha Pilot Salmon Farm, where the fish live in near-natural conditions.

The hatchlings are delivered in special-purpose containers and released into the wild, where they disperse downstream. Each year, experts from Main Department of Fisheries and Conservation of Water Biological Resources (Glavrybvod) and the Federal Agency for Fisheries (Rosrybolovstvo) supervise the release of juvenile fish, as Atlantic salmon is a valuable species severely affected by illegal fishing.

“NWPC has released over 45,000 salmon hatchlings into the Umba River basin over the last three years. Total expenditures were RUB 8 million. This is our Company’s contribution to sustainability in the Kola region”, NWPC CEO Evgeni Sozinov noted.