Press Releases

05/14/2019 | NWPC Receives New Equipment

The Oleniy Ruchey underground mine has received two WJ-2 load-haul-dumpers for construction of the underground crushing and conveyor complex and clearing of the underground mine workings.

The new LHDs feature a compact design, ease of control, high performance, and cleaner exhaust. The 2-m3 bucket with carrying capacity of up to 3,800 kilograms is made of Hardox-450 high-grade extra-strong steel for increased reliability. The dimensions of these vehicles make them the best choice for underground operations. They are able to climb steep slopes and quickly travel long distances. NWPC’s maintenance and repair centre will handle their service and maintenance.
To ensure safety during equipment operation, personnel at the underground mining and extraction site received additional training from Modern Mountain Solutions LLC experts.