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04/22/2019 | North-Western Phosphorous Company Holds Skiing and Snowboarding Tournament for Employees

The Salma Ski Resort in Polyarnye Zori hosted skiing and snowboarding competitions for employees of North-Western Phosphorous Company. This is the fifth year the Company and its primary trade union have worked together to hold the tournament.

In his opening speech, NWPC CEO Evgeni Sozinov noted: “We support the region’s major sporting events and launch our own initiatives aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle. There are no losers, because we regard all the participants as winners”.

Last Saturday, over 60 Company employees (both athletes and spectators) gathered in the sun at the ski resort to enjoy the fresh air and the competitive spirit with their colleagues, most of whom are already good friends.

Below are the winners of this friendly competition:

Chief accountant Ekaterina Titova won the first (and only) prize in women's snowboarding. In men’s snowboarding, process automation system engineer Igor Plotnikov ranked first, followed by deputy chief power engineer Yaroslav Omelchenko and shaft sinker Eduard Bogdanov.

Anastasia Piskareva, a specialist at the Mine, gained the lead in women’s skiing, followed by economist Elena Konstantinova.

Drill rig driver Aleksei Ivanov ranked first in men’s skiing for participants 40 and over. The second and the third prizes in this category were awarded to deputy head of IT administration and service department Dmitry Malov and chief power engineering division specialist Andrei Belyakov.

Self-propelled mining car driver Ilya Zhamoydin was the best skier among participants 39 and younger. He was followed by driver Sergei Smirnov and software engineer Alexander Gurinovich.

All winners received prizes from NPWC and the primary trade union organisation.