Press Releases

02/06/2019 | NWPC Helps MASU Students Bring their Ideas to Life

On 25 January 2019, members of a strategic partnership board representing major employers in Murmansk region met at the Apatity campus of Murmansk Arctic State University (MASU). NWPC was represented by its Deputy CEO Nadezhda Heifetz.

The focus of the meeting was on developing science, industry and education in the Arctic region by graduating skilled professionals from its main university. During the discussions, the parties concluded that their cooperation is having a positive impact on the education system in Murmansk region.

“One of MASU’s key priorities is training students who are ready to start working in the mining industry right after graduation, which is very important for NWPC as an employer”, Nadezhda Heifetz noted.

As a member of MASU’s board of trustees, NWPC supports the University and its students’ initiatives in every way possible. Last October, NWPC presented photo equipment on behalf of its CEO Vadim Ryazantsev to the leaders of MASU’s student council for use in creative projects. Today, thanks to the new technology, the students are running a video club they call Pixel.

The strategic partnership board was founded in 2017 to foster cooperation between the University and the companies and institutions in Murmansk region.