Press Releases

01/29/2019 | NWPC Attends Mining Conference Organising Committee Meeting

On 25 January 2019 in Kirovsk, Murmansk Region, Russia, NWPC representatives attended a meeting of the organising committee of the International Mining Conference of the Barents Euro-Arctic Region (ICPP BEAR).

In his opening speech, Alexey Tyukavin, the First Deputy Governor of Murmansk region, noted that the Barents Euro-Arctic region is strategically important, because it is rich in resources and has significant technological, scientific and human potential. The prospects for sustainable development in the region are largely determined by the pace and scale of development of its mineral resource base.

Participants selected the themes and keynotes for the upcoming conference, which will focus on the strategic partnership of companies representing the Arctic mining complex.

First Deputy Governor Tyukavin awarded letters of appreciation from the Governor of Murmansk Region to key partners of the event for preparing and hosting the 2018 conference. The letter addressed to NWPC CEO Vadim Ryazantsev was presented to Senior Deputy CEO for Capital Construction Sergey Zershchikov.