Press Releases

11/21/2018 | NWPC and Apatity Youth Centre Participate in the Year of Volunteer

On 17-18 November, the city of Apatity welcomed the Golden Hearts of Rock charity concert to raise money for the Children’s Charity Foundation Our Future. The concert was organized by the I am a Volunteer project, an initiative of North-Western Phosphorous Company and the Apatity Youth Social Centre of the Council of Apatity Youth Organizations.

Also in November, I am a Volunteer held a contest to find promising new volunteer initiatives to address pressing social issues affecting children, the disabled, retirees, students, and other social groups in Apatity. The winning initiatives received a grant from the project’s general sponsor, NWPC, to implement socially significant events.
Other upcoming local events supported by NWPC include a marathon (A Look through the Generations) and a new contest for volunteer projects (Direct Your Life).