Press Releases

09/26/2018 | NWPC Commissions Maintenance Preparation Centre

North-Western Phosphorous Company has commissioned a new maintenance preparation centre with the goal of improving mine equipment servicing standards and providing better working conditions for maintenance personnel. The centre’s main function is non-contact cleaning of all units, chassis and body parts of vehicles before maintenance and repair. The facility is equipped with modern heavy-duty gear that meets all environmental safety requirements and can clean more than five heavy trucks during one shift.

Waste water from the facility passes through multiple filtration steps at the water treatment plant, which helps prevent discharge into the mine sewer system. Treated water free of solids, oil particles and fats is returned to the plant’s recycled water supply system.

The new maintenance preparation centre furthers the goals of NWPC’s Fair Work programme, launched in 2013, which focuses on the occupational safety, health and social welfare of employees and on environmental protection.