Press Releases

08/24/2018 | NWPC Mine Launches Underground Maintenance and Repair Units

On 24 August, NWPC commissioned a repair and maintenance facility for self-propelled equipment at a more than 200-metre horizon at its underground mine. The facility is a state-of-the-art repair unit capable of servicing two pieces of machinery at a time. The facility is equipped with a servicing pit and a tool area for all basic procedures, from technical maintenance to repairs.

The repair and maintenance facility is equipped with the 1С Maintenance and Repairs automated system, which processes repair requests and saves information about current and complete work. This information will be used to compile repair procedure sheets, streamline repairs and build a database on the maintenance and operation of all mining equipment.

As part of the Operations Efficiency Management project, zones were marked to define maintenance personnel routes, repair operation areas and the positioning of equipment and furniture. LED lighting was installed for safety and comfort.

According to NWPC CEO Vadim Ryazantsev, a similar unit at a more than 240-metre horizon is almost complete. The number of underground maintenance and repair facilities will grow as the mine expands. Underground repair shops will increase the useful life of machinery, reduce accidental outages, and save money on repairs and maintenance.