Press Releases

08/09/2018 | NWPC Continues Purchasing Cutting-edge Equipment as Mine Expands

Production safety is NWPC’s top priority. According to NWPC CEO Vadim Ryazantsev, safety is an ongoing process that requires both skilled professionals and high-tech equipment.  

All stages of the ore mining workflow at the NWPC underground mine are power-driven, and up-to-date equipment is sourced from leading global manufacturers.  

Auxiliary operations, such as mine workings lining and support and labor and equipment delivery are performed by special power-driven machinery. Borehole drilling for ore breaking is done by modern mobile drilling rigs designed to drill 89-millimeter holes up to 51 meters in depth.  Heavy-duty underground dump trucks with 50-tonne loading capacity and powerful Scooptram ST 14-tonne underground loaders are used for stoping.

A key feature of the Scooptram ST 14 is its remote-control device, which allows operators in complex environments to perform loading outside the cabin at a distance of up to 100 meters in total safety. The remote-control arrangement is similar to the control panel inside the loader: one joystick controls the movement, while the other handles the beam and 7 m3 bucket.

NWPC plans to add several more units to its fleet in future.