Press Releases

03/16/2018 | NWPC Launches Underground Main Fan and Heating Unit (MFHU)

During the underground mine construction stage, air was supplied by main ventilation booster fans. These fans delivered fresh air to mine openings on a temporary basis for the construction stage. Early this year, NWPC launched a more powerful fan unit to ensure failure-free operation at the stage of mine development. According to the Company’s CEO, Vadim Ryazantsev, the MFHU design solution ensures an adequate supply of air to mine drifts, allowing the mine workers to successfully complete the mine construction and development.

The ВО-30/18АР unit is made up of two fans: a main fan and a standby fan. The fan wheel has a diameter of three meters including the blades; it is driven by a 1,250-kW electric motor with performance of up to 340 m3/s, while the volume required for the mine ventilation is 240m3/s.

The fan unit is reversible and can be switched between inlet and outlet modes as required.

The new fan system is also equipped with electric heaters to control the temperature in the underground mine. Electric heaters of this type have a long operational life and make it possible to maintain a preset temperature conditions in cold seasons. Moreover, these heaters are environmentally friendly, as they require no fuel consumption to generate heat.