Press Releases

01/25/2018 | NWPC Introduces Automated Control System to Repair and Maintain Equipment

Unscheduled equipment repairs to decrease 15% by year-end

North-Western Phosphorous Company is introducing an automated maintenance and repair system (M&R) to improve the functioning of the Company’s maintenance service and equipment operation capabilities. The programme is based on the 1C-ERP integrated monitoring information system installed on the Oleniy Ruchey mine maintenance service workstations.

The programme was first tested at the processing plant and is now being introduced at the mine and the mechanical repair shop. The system accumulates data on current repairs and technical inspections to create a map that displays the maintenance schedule, consumed time and workers in charge. Most importantly, it establishes a technical database for maintenance and operation of all the equipment. As a result, timely inspections and scheduled maintenance of equipment will reduce accidents in the future.

According to estimates, by the end of 2018 the number of unscheduled repairs will decrease by 15%, increasing the availability of open pit and underground mining machines and processing plant equipment.

In addition, the M&R system will ensure the timely delivery of materials and resources, as repair cost evaluation and resource requirement planning will also become automated.