NWPC Is Performing Start-up and Commissioning of the Second Stage of Crushing and Conveyor Complex

As part of construction and development of the Oleniy Ruchey mine, NWPC is completing start-up and commissioning of the second stage of the crushing and conveyor complex (CCC-2).

The complex located at a depth of 120 m is designed to crush rock and transport it from the crushing chamber to the surface. Once launched, it will help increase the underground mine’s capacity.

The CCC-2 will operate during the development of the lower horizons between −100 m and −20 m, which include five sub-levels of excavation and ore extraction. The crushing and conveyor complex is fitted with modern high-precision, automated equipment, including METSO crusher and feeder, driver’s cabin and operator’s station where all operating data is consolidated and monitored.

The first stage of the crushing and conveyor complex was put into operation in 2020. With the launch of the second stage, the length of the main conveyor will total 3.5 km.

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