Mine Construction and Operation

  • December


    In December, NWPC purchased an Atlas Copco Boltec MD mechanised  rock bolting rig to complete its underground machinery fleet. The Boltec MD is designed for medium-size tunnel reinforcement, and is supplied with a direct control hydraulic system for both drilling and bolting.  Operation is fully automated, and double-side hydraulic control optimises the drilling process to prevent drill jamming. Training will be provided by Atlas Copco experts from Sweden.    

  • November


    NWPC management attended the plenary meeting of the sixth Murmansk International Business Week. The focal point of the meeting was the new national initiative on development in the Arctic and promoting regional industrial production.
    During Business Week, the NWPC professionals attended round tables and working groups on topics relevant to the Company’s activities, such as the interaction between mining companies and supervisory authorities in the context of adopting risk-oriented methods for inspecting hazardous production facilities, reducing energy costs at large-scale enterprises, and securing skilled manpower for the mining industry.

  • October


    PJSC Dorogobuzh will process 600,000 tonnes of Oleniy Ruchey apatite concentrate annually at its new complex fertiliser production facility under an agreement between PJSC Acron and the Smolensk regional administration that was signed at the Golden Autumn trade show in the presence of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.  

    In order to unify workers and reduce equipment downtime, a training was organised for special vehicle drivers and drivers employed at the Oleniy Ruchey mining area. The programme included advanced training for the qualification Operator of Category AIII Vehicles (heavy duty trucks with load capacity over 45 mt). The examination was held by representatives of the State Technical Supervision and Control Authority, and the examiners were pleased to see that the drivers were well prepared in both theory and practice.

  • September


    NWPC attended a meeting of the Strategic Partnership Board at the Apatity branch of Murmansk Arctic State University (MASU). During the course of the meeting, representatives from the University, the Kola Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the largest regional industrial producers signed an agreement to work together to design a specially-tailored training programme for MASU students. Under the agreement, regional companies will provide job training and MASU will adjust its curriculum to incorporate the companies’ suggestions. The Strategic Partnership Board expects that these changes will improve the preparedness of students who want to take production jobs immediately after graduation.  

  • July


    In July, NWPC and Kirovsk municipal administration signed an agreement on social and economic partnership and cooperation, under which the Company shall pay approximately RUB 100 million to the municipal budget. Half of the funds will be allocated to cultural, educational and sports activities in Koashva settlement. The remaining amount will be used for social and community matters in Kirovsk: renovation of flats for orphans, maintenance of roads, playgrounds and public gardens.

    NWPC approved a new Collective Agreement that provides for increase of all lump-sum payments to employees for marriage, birth of a child or death of a close relative. The agreement also includes a new type of financial support – a lump-sum payment to families of deceased employees who served ten or more years. The Agreement also envisages a reward for employees inducted into the Hall of Fame. The NWPC social package will now include voluntary medical insurance for all employees.

  • June


    A modern permanent plant for manufacturing emulsion explosives was commissioned at the Oleniy Ruchey mine site. The 12,000-tpa plant was constructed by Nitro Siberia, an important Russian manufacturer of emulsion explosives. The commissioning ceremony for the new plant was attended by NWPC CEO Vadim Ryazantsev and Deputy Prime Minister of the Murmansk region Grigoriy Stratiy, who remarked on the fast pace of development at the Oleniy Ruchey mine and wished the Company success.

  • June


    NWPC held an environmental campaign aimed at protecting and preserving the fragile ecosystems of northern water bodies. Company representatives released Atlantic salmon parr into Umba River to restore aquatic biological resources in the region. Fish fry adapted to the northern environmental conditions were raised by specialists at the Murmansk branch of the Main Basin Department for Fisheries and Conservation of Water Biological Resources. In the near future, NWPC plans to release additional 40,000 salmon parr into the White Sea basin.

  • May


    NWPC has strengthened environmental monitoring as it expands production, increasing the number of sampling points and observation posts at the plant’s exhaust facilities. The Company also signed an agreement for additional impact studies with the Federal State Institution Centre of Laboratory Analysis and Technical Metrology in Murmansk region.

    On the eve of Victory Day, which is celebrated on 9 May, NWPC congratulated veterans of World War II, Company employees and their families. NWPC prepared gifts for veterans, home front workers, children of the war and former prisoners of Nazi concentration camps living in Apatity and Kirovsk. The Company's employees took part in festive processions in Apatity and Kirovsk.

  • April


    In April, the slopes of the BigWood Ski Resort saw the Third Annual Mountain Skiing Tournament for the NWPC CEO prize. The over 70 participants included mountain skiing veterans. Nadezhda Heifetz proven to be the best among the women, Yevgeny Dolgovyazov won the gold medal in men’s category for under 35, and Maksim Yushkov took first place in the men’s category for over 35.

    NWPC installed two main pipelines with a total length of 3,200 meters along the southern side of the Oleniy Ruchey open pit mine in preparation for the flood season. Taking into account the maximum water inflow and future development of the open pit mine, the Company also purchased and installed three new pumps with a lift height of 170 meters and 1,100 m3/h capacity.

  • March


    Mine infrastructure continued to expand. NWPC began construction of a transhipping complex for loading apatite concentrate into railway cars directly at the mine site. At the same time, the Company purchased modern equipment and automation systems, including conveyors, aspiration systems, electric power supply, and dosing and weighing equipment for railway cars. Capital investments in the complex exceed RUB 375 million.

  • February


    All new workplaces underwent a special assessment of working conditions (SAWC). The reviewers examined 88 new jobs and assigned 38 of them to the permissible class and 50 to the hazardous conditions class. Under Russian law, as of 1 February 2017 all employees engaged in hazardous work receive an additional 4% bonus to their wages for the time worked.

  • January


    NWPC employees saw a 4.2% salary raise at the start of the year. Under the collective agreement, the Company annually adjusts salaries to at least match the consumer price index for the previous year (as reported by the Russian Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat)).

    In addition to football and swimming, NWPC employees can also play table tennis in a rented gym at the Kirovsk Sports Palace, which has modern tables and can host corporate sports events.