Press Releases

01/25/2018 | NWPC Introduces Automated Control System to Repair and Maintain Equipment
12/20/2017 | NWPC Trade Union Reports its Yearly Results
11/28/2017 | NWPC Attends International Conference "Mining Industry in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region: A Look into the Future"
11/24/2017 | Acron Subsidiary Signs Social and Economic Partnership Agreement with Apatity
11/22/2017 | NWPC Attends Sixth Murmansk International Business Week
10/04/2017 | 600 kt of Apatite Concentrate from the Oleniy Ruchey Mine to Be Annually Processed at the New Mineral Fertiliser Production Facility at Dorogobuzh
08/18/2017 | North-Western Phosphorous Company Celebrates its Anniversary
08/02/2017 | NWPC Approves New Collective Agreement
07/18/2017 | NWPC to Transfer RUB 100 Million to Kirovsk Budget in 2017
06/16/2017 | NWPC Commissions Explosives Plant