Press Releases

11/29/2018 | NWPC Trade Union Reports on 2018 Activities

NWPC’s primary trade union organization held an annual conference to review its activities for the year and to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Russian Trade Union of Chemists. The conference was attended by the Chairman of the Murmansk Regional Trade Union Council, Alexander Pervukhin.

The trade union at North-Western Phosphorous Company has achieved a great deal in its five years. Over the past year, the trade union continued representing the professional interests of workers, improving working conditions, and organizing sports, cultural events and entertainment.

Trade union members receive financial assistance at important life moments. In 2018, the trade union issued payments to everyone whose child started first grade. Financial assistance is also provided on members’ anniversaries and when they get married or have a child.

During the year, trade union members and their children enjoyed access to a variety of entertainment and sports facilities in the Murmansk region, such as a ski resort, ice skating rink, cinema, gym, snow village and several recreation centers. This year, for the first time the Company’s employees participated in a training workshop conducted by qualified psychologists from Apatity.

NWPC’s trade union and the Council of Youth Organizations plan to keep supporting those activities that have become a tradition and an integral part of the Company’s corporate culture.