Press Releases

10/03/2018 | North-Western Phosphorous Company Congratulates First-year Students of Murmansk Arctic State University

The Students Club at the Apatity Branch of Murmansk Arctic State University held a celebration to welcome freshmen. The University’s Directorate and strategic partners congratulated its newly admitted students. On behalf of NWPC CEO Vadim Ryazantsev, the Company’s representatives presented photo equipment to members of the Student Initiative Center to encourage and support their creative activity.

The Strategic Partnership Board was established in 2017 to facilitate cooperation between Murmansk Arctic State University and companies and organisations in the Murmansk region. The same spring, the University was recognized as the Russian key talent pool university providing companies in the region with potential employees. Training highly qualified specialists for the mining industry is one the University’s current priorities. The University is focused on improving the quality of personnel training to help its graduates effectively engage in the work process right from the start, which is quite important for employers.