press releases

12/20/2017 | NWPC Trade Union Reports its Yearly Results
NWPC’s primary trade union held an annual conference to report on its performance for the past 12 months. Almost half of the Company’s employees are union members.
11/28/2017 | NWPC Attends International Conference "Mining Industry in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region: A Look into the Future"
NWPC representatives participated in a roundtable at the seventh International Conference "Mining Industry of the Barents Euro-Arctic Region: A Look into the Future," which focused on the interaction between colleges and universities and mining companies.
11/24/2017 | Acron Subsidiary Signs Social and Economic Partnership Agreement with Apatity
Joint Stock Mining Company Partomchorr (an Acron subsidiary) and the Apatity municipal administration have signed an agreement on social and economic partnership, collaboration and cooperation.